Contacting Hideki Saito

About telephone contacts

The STRIKEDRAKE project is underway and will be whitelist based. If you have established telephone contact, please be sure to notify Hideki Saito to be included in the whitelist.

No business contact

Other than Sakura-Con related matters, I will not accept business related inquries through any of the methods below. For inquiries regarding products or services offered by my affiliates or employer, please contact respective public relations department.

General contact


I have dedicated Staffing for Japanese Guest Relations at Sakura-Con page explaining some details if you would like to contact me for staffing.

If you are potential guest of honor somehow reached this page. Please E-mail me with your details and I will forward it to an appropriate person.

Social networks acceptance policy (SNAP)

  • Blogs -- Comments are accepted for articles under certain time frame after they are published
  • Crunchyroll -- Friends Only
  • Facebook (Public Page) -- Open to all (does not require approval)
  • Facebook -- Friends Only
  • Geeklist -- Case by Case
  • GitHub -- Case by Case (by project, etc.)
  • Google+ -- Open1
  • LinkedIn -- Friends Only
  • Pixiv (Following) -- Open1
  • Pixiv (Mypic) -- Case by Case
  • Steam -- Case by Case (frequent player)
  • Tumblr -- Open1
  • Twitter -- Open1

Prohibited contacts

You may not contact me for any unsolicited business.

Religious preaching

  • Recommended read: How to suck at your religion
  • There's this great thing called the Internet. If I'm interested, I will just search one and I will contact you. You don't have to tell me that I have to accept certain theological figure of yours; that's very arrogant.
    • And I actually have been to a religious service, not because someone pushed me to, but solely from my choice. That one was Unitarian Universalist church. Through I'm not involved with any of their church, I've enjoyed my experience when I was there. If I ever feel like belonging to any of religious groups, perhaps the UU will be my choice.
  • Religious preaching of any kind will basically make you look bad to me.
    • I'm talking to you, Jehova's Witnesses of Redmond, WA.
    • Actually, I will make it easy for Jehova's Witnesses of Issaquah, WA too, if you are reading this, you don't have to spend time writing lengthy letter inviting me to your congregations, because, I'm not interested and your letters are just taking a direct trip to a garbage can.
    • If I'm going to the hell for not following you, I'll take a chance, thank you.

National Health Interview Survey

  • I will not participate National Health Interview Survey, ever. Contractor the CDC use is so unprofessional and I am highly irritated and insulted by their unprofessionalism.
    • If they can't show a minimum competency to handle my order to decline the call, how can I trust them?
    • And remember, they are contacting me in unsolicited manner; it's my dime to whether put up with them or not.
      • "I'm just doing my job" -- So what? Why should I care? I'm not getting paid to answer your call.
    • CDC, you should really reconsider the method of collecting those survey data.

  1. I do not guarantee reciprocal friending.