HidekiSaitoCom Hidden Service (EXPERIMENTAL)

HidekiSaitoCom's Hidden Service version can be accessed by going to fd5tzhhtqsonqnxmvk2qplz5viwedznt3y6rjctv46t5w4q5ljpmcqyd.onion. Alternatively, short legacy address is available at hideki24bd6yof6s.onion. (Requires Tor.)

To make it easier to access, you can also head to http://hs.hidekisaito.com/ which redirect to the Tor address above. (But this will do no good if your DNS is poisoned so accessing by .onion address above are preferred, and if you are to use this, make sure the resulting URL matches with the .onion address above.)

About This Experiment

What is a hidden service?

A hidden service is a system allows connection to various services without knowing the other's network identity.

Just for fun. Also, it is just so the backup is available when the main site is down.

Also, one of ways to combat mass surveillance is to increase sheer number of encrypted traffic.

How do I access?

Use Tor, or if you require better security, use Tails.

Isn't Tor/Hidden Service for illegal stuff?

No, just because the tool can be used for illegal activities doesn't mean that technology is evil. For instance, some people use BitTorrent for unauthorized distributions of copyrighted materials, but it is also used to transfer various Linux distributions, and software like LibreOffice.

If you are criticizing certain technology just because there are negative use cases, let's ban all cars, because somewhere in the world, criminals use them every day to get away from their crime scene, and/or run over people.

I like to quote Freenet:

The true test of someone who claims to believe in Freedom of Speech is whether they tolerate speech which they disagree with, or even find disgusting.

How did you get your name on .onion address?

There are several solutions available to do that. I've used eschalot.

The idea is to bruteforce .onion name generation. More you want your "vanity" portion of .onion address, time it takes to generate an address gets exponentially high. (For instance, generating an .onion address starting "hello" (5 characters) may take 20 seconds in modest system, but it can take some time to generate "hello1" (that's 6 characters) and it'll be nearly ethernal (read, well beyond your life time…) to be able to generate one with all 12 characters of your choice!

Since v3 address takes a lot more time, I'm not currently planning to generate one with the name.

Is it a complete HidekiSaitoCom copy?

For now, yes. It only covers main http://hidekisaito.com site and nothing else at the moment.

This hidden service is operated independently from the clearweb site, which effectively can act as a backup in case the main site is down.

Why I can't access to it?

  • Are you accessing through Tor? If you are not sure, check to see if you are accessing through Tor.
  • Something may be wrong with Tor network (probably not likely)
  • The site is down. (It's possible)

Will you be able to track me?

No. The server doesn't even keep a log. (Besides, it'll just show as a traffic from localhost anyways, so it's not that useful.) Analytics codes are also removed hidden service version as previously mentioend. Even if the site refers to external codes, traffic will originate from your exit server, not your real IP.

Is there any way to access to it without Tor?

While it is not recommended1, if you use a one of Tor2web gateway, you will connect to .onion address from clearweb.

Try one of those:

  • http://hideki24bd6yof6s.onion.to/
  • http://hideki24bd6yof6s.onion.city/
  • http://hideki24bd6yof6s.onion.cab/

Where's the service located?

I'm not gonna tell you, while compromising location wouldn't cause much of an issue (after all I'm not running a super secret site, and considering clearweb version of the site exists anyways) there is an agreement with the datacenter it's being hosted.

Actually, more important question to ask is where are you located? Having the presence on Hidden Services enables you to access this site, even the country you happened to be in (especially if you are living in countries like China) or your local network decides place a block on this site.

What other site should I try?

See my hidden service directory.

  1. Essentially, use of such service does not give you any anonymity.