Source code, as applicable, for projects are available from GitHub. Some details of projects may also be available through LinkedIn.

Professional Projects

Tozai, Inc.


  • Kurulin Fusion, (for PlayStation Portable, MTO/Tozai, 2009) -- Producer
  • Happy Cooking (for Nintendo DS, Ubisoft, 2008) -- Producer
  • Petz Dogz Fashion (for Nintendo DS, Ubisoft, 2008) -- Producer

Kemco USA, Inc.

  • Simple DS Vol.13 Arashi no Drift Rally (for Nintendo DS, D3 Publisher, Japan, 2007) -- Producer

Amaze Entertainment

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (for PlayStation Portable, Buena Vista Games, 2006) -- Gameplay Programming
  • The Sims2 (for PlayStation Portable, Electronic Arts, 2005) -- Gameplay (UI) Programming
  • Digimon Racing (for Game Boy Advance, Bandai, 2004) -- Production Support, Publisher Relations, Localization
  • Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (for PS2/GameCube/Xbox, Bandai, 2004) -- Production, Level Design, Publisher Relations, Localization



At Sakura-Con. I hold the position of Japanese Guest Manager managing various aspect of Japanese Guest of Honor, including planning, and staffing.

I am staffed with Japanese Guest Relations team since 2002, of which I have been staffed as Japanese Guest Manager since 2003.


Following the devastating event of 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, we have activated within 48 hours of the disaster to established an relief coalition eventually consisting more than 100 entities.

I have taken part in coordinating website production as well as coding.

This project is concluded as of March, 2016.

Personal Projects

Software Projects


Collection of Emacs Lisps Available at

HidekiSaitoCom Application Layer

  • A Go program powering website.
  • It is an experiment of implementations of Go to serve as a website handler.
  • "Go as a replacement for PHP"
  • Currently exclusively developed for and used on
  • Development currently suspended.

Hideki's Songlist

Hideki's Songlist was started so I can have a simple website to look up the song to sing when I am with my friends. Also I have been exploring with database, XML, and JSON. (I was also using this site to test out Web Intents, however, it sounds like it is no longer in development.) Currently planning reimplementation with Go language; it is currently implemented in PHP. Support for multiple users are also planned.

Science Projects

Analyzing NDVI Imagery Using Blender

I am doing research with NDVI image processing using Blender. Research is being published at Public Lab.

Read the paper

Art Projects

Yuzuko Nonohara Modeling

Yuzuko Nonohara Modeling is an experimental modeling project using blender to learn production pattern of organic modeling.

Open Source Community Involvements


Providing Japanese language resource for Sone project.


A small set of patches for SoftEther VPN.