Hideki Saito and Music

Listening and Singing

Anime Music

  • Anime music is highly contextual and I think that's making them very interesting.
    • Because of what I listen is what I sing and because of my preference, I basically end up "cross-sing"1 most of songs. I actually take singing very seriously. I approach every song with same level of commitment to sing as best as I can.
  • Most of songs I listen can be singable within fairly short period of time. I maintain the list of songs I can sing. (200 and counting!)


  • As much as I like characters and various works by people, I like the cultural aspect of it where it empowered everyone to create songs.
  • Most favorite: Miku
  • Here's my piapro like list
  • Happy to say I finally got to see the show at Miku Expo 2016!

Classical Music


  1. Just a word play to crossplay