Who is Hideki Saito

This page also exists in Japanese(日本語).

About me

Hideki Saito resides in Issaquah, WA.

  • I work in a video game industry.
    • I am a Localization Engineer at Nintendo of America since May 2016.
    • I have been a level designer, a game logic programmer/scripter, and a producer at various companies.
  • I am an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator (WU7J) (Licensed since 2003, first as KD7TCI)
    • I am a Volunteer Examiner as well
  • Information about my computing has its own page
  • Information about anime has its own page
  • Information about my music preference has its own page
  • I am a Japanese⇔English interpreter.
    • Consecutive and Whispered.
    • Technical, business and escort interpreting.
    • Done some stage interpreting as well.
  • Hold somewhat liberal view
    • According to some random agenda evaluator, looks like I'm more of Green Party person. Which doesn't surprise me, from my view, both Democrats and Republican suck.
  • Supports LGBT social movements (I consider myself to be a heterosexual ally)
    • I don't judge them by their sexual orientations. Heck, some of the nicest people I know are from the LGBT community.
    • I also identify myself demisexual (and demiromantic).
  • I am an atheist and not religious, and identify myself secular humanist.
    • By the way, if you choose to be religious, at least you should know how to not suck at it.
    • I'm criticising a monotheism and all the baggage it comes with it, including attacking others' belief (including lack thereof) and scientific approaches. Thsu, I somewhat aligns with the view of Buddism, Shinto and Unitarian Universalist although I am not a member of any churches. (I've been to n UUA gathering before and in fact, I enjoyed it.)
  • I respect international differences and don't judge (at least I will try my best!) based on where they are from.
    • It's actually very saddens me some of international conflicts motivated by governments' political agendas, are heavily influenced.1 I would say, forget all those political stuff, let's get together and have fun together!
    • I do not however, condone nonsense. If you are acting crazy based on the history, for instance, that's plain wrong.
  • I may not be the best English writer in the world. Please come back and complain to me once you learn at least one more language than your own.

Avoid imitations!

There are so many Hideki Saito out there. It is a fairly common name. Some I actually got questioned. I have listed few tips of correctly identifying me.

Things that are definitely not me

  • I do not work for...
    • Intel
      • Likewise, I do not work on their compilers...
    • Google2
    • Microsoft3
    • Internet Initiative Japan Inc.4
  • I am not an maintainer of WS4J. Please inquire Mr. Hideki Shima for inquiry about this project. (It sounds like very interesting project, too.)
  • I do not own a Japanese/French fusion restaurant
    • I'm not a good chef, either...
  • I do not own an electronics company
  • I do not do wooden artworks
  • I do not have an airplane pilot license (although that could be fun!)
  • I do not live in Tokyo
  • I do not live in California
  • I am not a singer5; maybe you are thinking of Hideki Saijo.
  • I did not write a research paper "A computerized method for detection of acute cerebral infarction on CT images" -- Read more about it. Since then, ResearchGate asked me to take this paper down in return for never sending furthermore notifications to me, but they haven't fixed the problem. Seriously, what's wrong with people?
  • I do not specialize in forestry or forest products.
  • I did not create or work on Okami -- Somehow I am starting to see emerging misunderstanding. I won't be even pointing to the right person for this as I got a reason to believe he has some problems.

Things that can be me

  • It looks like there is at least one more Hideki Saito in the gaming industry, and thus, some credit listing sites have wrong information. I tried to correct them but eventually got tired of doing it. Because of this, I invite you checking out my projects page.
  • Most of Hideki Saito in association with amateur radio is by me.
  • It looks like there is another Hideki Saito doing music.
  • If it's something to do with DigiPen, that's probably me.
    • Although if anything mentions it, that's probably from me.
  • If it's something to do with GnuPG, that's probably me.
  • If it's something to do with Emacs, that's probably me.
    • Like "Hideki Saito" mentioned in one of commit log -- 118305
  • If it's something to do with Snort, that's probably me.
    • As seen in their changelog
  • If it's something to do with Krita, that's probably me.
  • If it's something to do with Tor, that's probably me.
    • I've participated in some discussion during early days of Mac installer.
  • If it's something to do with SoftEther that's probably me.
    • I have contributed some code.
  • If it's something to do with Sone that's probably me.
  • Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS バトルプログラマーシラセ) -- this one's long story... see anime.

  1. Especially considering how hostile it seems to be between Japan and its surrounding countries

  2. Although, that could be fun.

  3. Whew!

  4. Although, it's very interesting someone who works for IIJ is my 3rd degree contact in my LinkedIn profile.

  5. I sing for fun, but not like I would be on a TV for it.